Episode 6 - Bird on a Wire

January 27, 2020 Fire Pit Creative Group Episode 6
Episode 6 - Bird on a Wire
Show Notes

Professor Bath finds himself lost in the Greenstream when his simulacrum is disabled in a fight. Doctors Ghaniyah and Chang try to find a way to free his mind without permanent injury.

Credits and Sound Effect Attribution

Aftermath is a Fire Pit Creative Group production and is based on a story created by Rhett Davis, with characters created by Rhett Davis, Warren Davis, Willem de Greef, and Cole Hoopingarner.

Original script by Warren Davis, with Cole Hoopingarner.

Narrated and produced by Cole Hoopingarner, with music by Warren Davis.

Video Production by Willem de Greef.

Sound effects used for this episode were obtained from:

Story, music, and characters copyright by Fire Pit Creative Group.